As the Green Movement continues to work it’s way into the world of development you will find that eco-green is born from fiscal-green.

We understand this. Fiscal-green solvency simply put, means that the built environment must be constructed with sensible design principles in mind, starting with where to build and where not to build.There are two lines of thinking to this basic question. We understand both.

Physically, on a regional scale, connecting the dots of urbanization along transportation corridors, as proposed from Circle City visionaries such as Philip H. Lewis, saves prime agricultural lands from development. Economically,  the real estate notion of  location, location, location drives the market.  LA is experienced at tracking and defining market trends and we have the development background to help determine feasibility and the economic model that will assure profitability of any development. We believe that the successful economics of a project provides the resources then that makes the whole environment a better place to live.

The aerial photograph of the United States taken at night  tells a story about we humans and how we grow. Imagine a city with the population and infrastructure the size of Madison, Wisconsin, grows on this planet every day.

Landscape Architects, Inc. has worked on the front lines of urban sprawl. The firm  has a duty and a mission to figure out how best to design and grow the environment with the concept of human compatibility and economic sustainability as the ultimate goal. We believe that the best approach to achieve eco-green sustainability is to promote and help to create fiscal-green solvency for landowners.

We have seen many successes and failures over our 28 years of strategic planning at the municipal, corporate, industrial, retail, and in diverse housing sectors. We have extensive experience structuring public and private partnerships that have lead to various forms of successes that we will showcase in our portfolio of work. We have also found that most failures in any development start at the beginning of planning where one or the other, private entity or public municipality plans without the attention to details from the other.


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