Landscape Architecture

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Landscape architecture is personal as every person experiences the landscape differently. LA has successfully garnered consensus from husbands and wives at the residential design level, boards and committees at the corporate and institutional campus planning and design levels and from politicians and attorneys at the municipal master planning and urban design level.

Convincing people to invest in landscape and open space is a task that requires more than a vision of beauty. Here is where the basic planning before design, function before form takes precedent and where a landscape architect is qualified to lead the decision making process.

Whitespire Grove Neighborhood

In 2004 the Village of Rothschild hired Landscape Architects, Inc. to master plan this prime 60 acre parcel as a high density residential neighborhood with a central park open space set aside with:

  • Shared parking lots
  • Shared storm water
  • Shared open space
  • Shared maintenance costs


Looking back 5 years later, 142 living units have been built and the central park open space is set aside for private improvements to be built.


The aerial shows apartment buildings, a CBRF retirement facility with campus expansion, single family housing and central park.


Milwaukee Westlawn Neighborhood

In 1992 the City of Milwaukee hired Landscape Architects, Inc. to prepare a master plan designed to improve the physical as well as the psychological conditions of this low income neighborhood.

Neighborhood revitalization included overhaul of the entire landscape, transformation of building entries into front porches, and inclusion of passive and active recreation and a new community center.


After 20 years, the quality of life for Westlawn residents has significantly improved and the state of the low income neighborhood is a model for any inner city neighborhood revitalization project.


Franklin Business Park

In 1994 the City of Franklin hired Landscape Architects, Inc. to serve as landscape architectural consultant to a private development team headed by Mooney and LeSage real estate development company. The goal was to develop this 600 acre business park with a cost effective infrastructure system that could serve the flexible requirements of private industry.









The above master plan was successful in preserving key wetland and forestation on the site while effectively providing storm water management, roadway, bikeway, and pedestrian connectivity to the surrounding neighborhoods. But most importantly, the business park reached 100% occupancy within 10 years as evidenced above. 


Plankview Green Neighborhood



GreenHouse Corporate Retreat





Collaboration in planning and design results in success for all parties in the development process. 


Landscape Architects, Inc works closely with architectural firms to prepare full package development planning and design. Often times the firm will hire architects and engineers to complete design development, construction drawings and specifications for complex projects.

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