Public and Private Partnerships

Recent Case Study: City of West Allis

The City of West Allis has worked with Landscape Architects, Inc. in the formulation of several public and private partnerships over the last decade. The most recent project was initiated during the recent economic recession. The strategy was to prepare a key 7.5 acre parcel requiring property acquisitions, environmental cleanup, and demolition of a 5 acre heavy industrial factory. 

The graphic below illustrates the creation of three individual outlots that met the land requirements for a 120 unit hotel with a banquet hall  for 400 people; a 40,000 sq. ft. grocery market, and a unique adaptive reuse of the factory's shipping facility and corporate offices into a 10,000 sq. ft. brew pub and brewery museum.


Business recruitment, fiscal negotiations between private companies and the city, individual developer agreements for cross access of shared parking and stormwater management, and a master site development plan were the key components to structuring deals to develop this site. The following master plan illustrates the results of 9 months of master planning. 


Auto and truck access, ingress and egress, compatible parking fields, visibility, pedestrian connections, and strong urban design of the architecture were achieved by working with each private developer and the many departments of the City of West Allis. A special development that arose from the master plan was the creation of the brew pub site as illustrated below:


Saving the brew pub site and developing the building rather than demolishing it is estimated to deliver $3 million of additional tax base to this specific development project.


The foresight of the City of West Allis to preserve the building and landing a major name brand tenant to occupy the building improves the economic feasibility of the hotel and is catalytic for future destination developments around State Fair Park.

Landscape Architects, Inc. prepared all of the plans and programming for this project for use in qualifying and in marketing a brew pub tenant. The proposed floor plan below was prepared to determine the ultimate occupancy for the building and the outdoor beer garden.


The end game of this private and public partnership will be the development of $23 million of new development seeded with equitable terms negotiated by leveraging public funds to close the finance gap caused by the economic recession.

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