Town Land Use Planning

 Landscape Architects, Inc. was commissioned by many municipalities to perform strategic planning and specific land use master plans. The physical planning process starts with determining where to build based on the simple tenet of preserving prime agricultural land. The economic planning process starts with determining how to improve growth in jobs and real estate value. The community planning process starts with informing the public of what is existing, what is capable, what is sustainable, and what is affordable.

City of Schofield & Village of Rothschild, Marathon County

CASE STUDY: Threading urbanization and mending open space.

Border wars were prevented, economic development was enhanced, and quality mixed use development was built as a result of educating the public, building concensus, and executing land use plans.

Schofield Land Use Plan

Where to build and where not to build in Rothschild. Open space and trails thread the two communities and links with county master plans.

Town of Raymond, Racine County

Case Study:  Transfer of Development Rights.

The boldness of the land use plan required a non-conventional approach to execute the plan. The implementation of a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program fell flat on its face after land owners and land assessors could not come to terms. The failure of this program rendered the master plan less achievable and driven by market forces.


Hydrology, soils, vegetation, and topography are mapped as transportation and open space corridors are overlaid to determine where density is placed. Market studies determine use types, density, and property value. The graphic at right illustrates a proposed town center located in its highest and best location. 

Below, the Town of Raymond Land Use Master Plan is created using electronic mapping providing efficiency and the ability to inform the general public through cost effective multi-media.

Landscape Architects, Inc. focused its efforts in guiding urban growth along the I-43 corridor as a means to track the eastern leg of the Midwest Circle City regional approach.

Town of Port Washington, Ozaukee County

The Town of Port Washington hired our planning firm to overlap the Town's Land Use Master Plan with the City of Port Washington's plan (see the plan here). Special emphasis was placed on preparing I-43 corridor development guidelines.

Educating the citizens and making the planning process more streamlined allowed for prudent regulations that preserved prime agricultural land and allowed urbanization along the I-43 corridor.

Town of Wilson


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